Street Views: Everyone Loves a Parade

Street Photography: A Kansas City Fiesta

keith kennedy
3 min readSep 8, 2022

“Want to be in a parade?”

That’s the question my wife asked me, the morning of the Kansas City, Kansas Central Avenue Parade. I was already planning to walk and take pictures, but suddenly, I was being given a bicycle helmet and a demand to ride with other bicyclists as a parade participant. Unfortunately, carrying two camera bodies and a few lenses forced me to politely decline as there was “work” to be done. Two hours and 3000+ photos later, I can say work was indeed… done.

Flag bearer, representing one of many of the neighborhood’s cultures.
Distracted while trumpeting
Distracted while riding?

The weather was “nice for this time of the year” at 87 degrees F and the neighborhood turned out in full. Both sides of the usually busy main street were lined with lawn and camping chairs, flags, and little kids who were eager to catch the candy that was sure to be tossed from the parade procession.

After the high school bands, local politicians, car clubs and horsemen finished their multi-mile trot eastward, the parade turned into a party at Bethany Park. High school bands battled it out on the grass while folklorico dancers spun to traditional mexican tunes on stage. Normally empty, the park was became headquarters for dozen food and product vendors. Everyone seemed to be having a good time, including my wife. A couple hours of holding heavy camera equipment began to wear on me however, and I decided to head back home.

After I got back, I had the task of sifting and culling thousands of photos. With the weekend being so nice and so busy, that task took a couple of days but what you’re seeing here are some of the best of the weekend. And because I personally don’t like scrolling, I also included some of them in a video for your viewing pleasure.

Bonding time while waiting for the parade to start
I don’t understand the circus-aspect of the temple but I enjoy it

I hope you enjoy these as much I as did while taking them. September is already gearing up to be a great month for photos so please check back soon for more quick insights like this.




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