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My Bounty After The Book of Boba Fett

A Tale of Star Wars, Fandom and a Cashing in on a 35-year old Bounty

keith kennedy
8 min readFeb 16, 2022


With the Book of Boba Fett (BOBF) series ending and Star Wars fans being Star Wars fans, I recently questioned why I was a supporter of the science-fiction soap opera. I had no idea that the question would lead me to discover something priceless.

Why the Silly Space Soap?

Let’s admit that a soap set in space to sell toys sounds outright silly nowadays. Star Wars can be (and has been) a bit goofy. In one hand, you have bored, feudal nazi space samurai taking over a galaxy by force and in the other, a bored country-bumpkin who thinks he can stop progress because an old hobo in a cave is suddenly in need of a ride. But then you have drug dealers, criminal masterminds, bounty hunters and thieves peppered into a pot full of space battles, political intrigue, and religious infighting. The space saga captured my imagination at a young age and even now, I try to consume as much of the related content as i can. Especially when it comes to a certain bounty hunter donning those red, green, and gold colors (of Africa): Boba Fett.

Introducing: Boba Fett

I remember when 8-year old me was entranced by Boba Fett. First seen in The Empire Strikes Back (ESB), the Mandalorian hunter fled Cloud City with both a frozen Han Solo and the bounty of my 8-year old heart. And Fett only appeared in the film for 6 minutes 32 seconds! It helped that Star Wars didn’t share much backstory for the Empire’s best bounty hunter: I took that lack of information as sexy and mysterious. So when BOBF was announced 30+ years later in 2020, I was stoked. Most Star Wars fans couldn’t wait.

But Then They Watched It

If you’re unawares, BOBF is a seven-episode story on Disney+ about how the coolest of the cool bounty hunters in the universe could have stayed the coolest of the cool if he had only kept his helmet on, his mouth shut…



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